Conference Interpreting Non-Thesis Master’s Program is a multilingual, non-thesis program consisting of two semesters and a summer school.

The program is co-financed by the European Union and Bilkent University. Based on merit, the university offers scholarship opportunities for those admitted to the program. The program is open to graduates of various departments of the faculties of translation and interpreting, law, business administration, international relations, economics, medicine, engineering, science and literature.

The Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Conference Interpreting has two objectives. The first is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need as conference interpreters, taking into account the increasing demand for multilingual conference interpreters in Turkey and in international business circles and the possible membership of the European Union in the near future. The second aim is to train conference interpreters who are competent in the rapidly developing field of Interpreting Research and who know and can use the theories and methods related to the field.

The program languages are Turkish, English and French. It may be envisaged to increase the number of languages and diversify the language combinations specified in the program according to the needs that may arise in the coming years.

The Master’s Program in Conference Interpreting without thesis is designed within the framework of the main outline of the Master’s Program in Conference Interpreting as envisaged by the European Union and the European Commission and is designed to meet AIIC’s criteria for graduate interpreting education.

Program highlights

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CINT applications are now open!open!

Application deadline: 12.06.2024


Date of French language proficiency exam: 16.07.2024

Date of General culture and language exam: 17.07.2024

Date of Interview: 18.07.2024

For general information refer to ESBE’s website.

You can find detailed information about the exams and admission here.

Please note that while exam dates are initially set, in the event of an overwhelming number of applications, these dates may be subject to change or extension. Applicants are advised to stay updated with any communications regarding exam scheduling through the department’s website.

Faculty insight

“The program boasts a team of instructors, all professional conference interpreters, complemented by pedagogical support from EU institutions. Together, they ensure an immersive and intensive learning experience characterized by demanding hands-on training. I am proud to be a part of this exceptional program, one of only two such offered in Turkey, knowing firsthand the caliber of interpreters it produces.

Ebru Kanık, Former Program Coordinator

EU-accredited conference interpreter / AIIC & TKTD Member / Interpreter trainer