Özen Ayşe Özbasa
B.A. in Translation and Interpretation, 2020
M.A in Media and Visual Studies, 2022

“I started studying Translation and Interpreting at Bilkent University in 2015 and spent a semester at the Université Libre de Bruxelles as part of Erasmus+ Programme. During my undergraduate studies, I completed a minor program in the Department of Communication and Design, graduating in 2020 with both a BA and minor.Thanks to my esteemed professors and our thorough curriculum, I had the opportunity to gain competence in English and French translation and interpretation while improving myself in the fields of international relations and media. To better plan my future, I completed numerous internships both in the public and private sectors. In 2022, I completed my master’s degree in the Media and Visual Studies Program at Bilkent UniversityAs of February 2023, I have been working as a Diplomatic Career Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey”

Great news from our graduate! 
Eray Karakuzu (M.A. 2010)
Parliamentary Interpreter – Government of Canada

Karakuzu provides interpreting services to the Parliament in general – to both the House of Commons and the Senate. He provides simultaneous interpreting services during plenary sessions, committees, press conferences, and consecutive interpreting during the travels of committees and field visits. We also provide translation services to different cabinet committees consisting of ministers in the cabinet.He works in the English booth. He mostly works from French to English, but depending on the situation he may also be asked to work from English to French.

Great contribution to Turkish literature
Celal Demirel (B.A.2013)

Demirel, former part-time instructor, translated Habib Selmi’s novel, The Scents of Marie-Claire (Dar El-Adab, Beirut, 2008), a modern Arabic fiction. Selmi explores the cultural encounter/clash between East and West in this book. Since being shortlisted for IPAF, The Scents of Marie-Claire has been translated into a number of different languages internationally, including English, through Arabia Books.To date, Demirel translated and edited wide range of translations comprising more than 25 books in children literature, popular science and fiction.

New career for our graduate
Mefail Kanbulat (B.A. 2013)

Mefail Kanbulat graduated from the department in 2013. He now works in NATO HQ in Brussels as a press officer. Before that, he has worked in the Embassy of France in Ankara for 7 years as a liaison interpreter, editor and press officer. He has French and English as his active languages, and German and Spanish as his passive languages.