TRIN Students Receive Scholarships

Class of 2023: M.Burak Bulat, Meriç Demircioğlu, E.Ege Ünver

The Department of Translation and Interpretation is proud to announce that three of our students have been admitted to the College of Europe, Natolin, for graduate studies. Two of them have received scholarships from the EU Presidency, while one has received a scholarship from the Polish government. We wish our students all the success in their future endeavors

  Şengel reflecting on sectoral reception at Boğaziçi University

12.09.2023 – Our instructor Zeynep Şengel was invited to speak at the roundtable meeting of the First National Congress on Translation and Interpreting Technologies organized by the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies and Computer Engineering at Boğaziçi University. The session moderated by Jonathan Ross featured a lively discussion with the participation of Prof. Ebru Diriker, Prof. Levent Arslan, Prof. Aymil Doğan, Prof. Dr. Oktay Eser, and Assoc. Prof. Şeyda Kıncal. Şengel presented the sectoral reception towards technologies used in conference interpreting settings through the survey carried out by the Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey.

  Dr. Duygu Duman Presented a Paper on Mental Healthcare Interpreters in Turkey at PSIT8 Conference

12.09.2023 – Dr. Duygu Duman was honored to represent her colleagues and their joint endeavor for mental healthcare interpreters in Turkey from an institutional perspective at the 8th International Conference on Public Service Interpreting and Translation (PSIT8). Dr. Duman’s representation of mental healthcare interpreters in Turkey at the PSIT8 conference highlights the importance of providing access to mental healthcare for individuals who do not speak the same language as their healthcare provider. Her work serves as a reminder of the need for qualified interpreters in the healthcare industry, particularly in mental healthcare, and the impact they can have on patient outcomes.